Enago Conducts a Series of Workshops at POSTECH for Korean Researchers

Pohang, Korea: Enago recently held a series of author workshops at POSTECH that focused on introducing researchers, students and professors to understanding the challenges related to research ethics, importance of selecting appropriate international peer-reviewed journals, and criticality of following good academic writing practices.

picture1The first series of workshops was conducted by Dr. Christian Wallraven, a Publication and Training Consultant with Enago Academy. He conducted the session on journal selection that discussed topics like journal metrics, scholarly indexes, and understanding aims and scope of a journal. During the workshop, Dr. Wallraven provided insightful suggestions on how researchers should approach journal selection and ensure that their research gets published in relevant journals. The session also focused on the differences between predatory, open access, and traditional journals and the critical parameters that help differentiate between these journals.

img_0626The second series of workshops were conducted by Dr E S Hwang—a Member of the Council of Korean University Research Ethics and Chair, Committee of Publication Ethics for CASE—on research and publication ethics and academic writing. These sessions focused on issues related to data and image manipulation, research misconduct, and ethical misconduct. By sharing actual examples of reported misconduct and incorrect data representation, Dr Hwang ensured that the audience was made aware of the impact of research misconduct on their career as a research scientist.

About these workshops, on behalf of POSTECH, Ms. Jiwoo Kang said “The workshop focused on some very important issues for researchers and were very informative and engaging for the audience. We expect that the collaboration between Enago Academy and POSTECH will continue to assist researchers in similar workshops in the coming year.”

Mr. BK Kang (Country Manager, Crimson Interactive Korea) said, “Through Enago Academy’s workshops, we want to assist both early-stage and experienced Korean researchers in increasing their chances of publication and help overcome challenges of dealing with research misconduct and avoiding publication in predatory journals.”

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