5 Things to Look For on a Research Writing Platform

This is a guest post drafted by the expert team at AuthorCafé, a unique platform designed exclusively for academics wherein they can write, collaborate, and communicate their research, all at the same time.

Being able to access your research writing from anywhere and at any time is crucial. However, with the plethora of writing and task management tools available, how do you pick the right one to organize, document, write, and present your research?

Look for these 5 abilities in a writing tool:

Access Your Research from Anywhere, at Any Time

Find a platform that lets you write in the browser, on the go – whether that’s on your commute, at home, or from your lab. That way when inspiration strikes regardless of where you are, your documents are quickly accessible.

The platform you choose should be built for any academic research writing needs – articles, books, grant proposals, and reports.

AuthorCafé’s browser-based intuitive writing system has been designed specifically for academic research.

Do More with a File and Reference Manager

 Research documentation involves a range of file formats including .docx, .jpg, .png,  .xlsx, .bibtex, .csv, apart from your text content. It’s important to choose a platform that recognises these formats, and lets you upload, organise, and store them all in a single, secure space on the cloud, that only you (and whoever else you choose) have access to.

With AuthorCafé’s Asset & Reference Management tools, you can quickly upload, organise, find, preview, and insert files into your research article.

Facilitates Collaboration and Communication

Collaborating with fellow scientists is key to your research process, and any platform you choose to write on needs to be cognizant of that. Look for features that let you work and write together, leave contextual comments, and chat with your collaborators and co-authors. The platform should also give you full control to set and revoke permissions at any time, with a click of a button.

Add collaborators, use the chat window to share information, and retain full control of access rights on AuthorCafé.

Easy Export in Circulation-Friendly Formats

You should be able to export your paper in PDF, docx, ZIP, XML, or HTML formats. You should also be able to turn your research paper into an editable presentation, for those meetings with your guides/funding institutions, or conference presentations.

You can export your paper in a range of circulation-friendly formats on AuthorCafé.

Strong Data Security

Always pick a tool that keeps your data secure, behind encryptions, so your sensitive and confidential research is safe. You should have complete control over who is allowed to access your work, read, edit, or comment on your research.

AuthorCafé provides end-to-end data encryption, from your browser to our servers.

If you are still using Google Docs or MS Word to write your research, think about switching to a tool that has been designed specifically with the unique needs of academic research in mind. AuthorCafé is a browser-based academic research writing platform that allows researchers to write, format, and style their research content, collaborate with their peers, manage files and references, and export presentation and circulation-friendly files.

Start writing. It’s free!

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