Trinka vs. Leading Grammar Checker Tools

In 2020, there is no shortage of online grammar checkers for general English but rarely does one find a tool that focuses on academic English writing, technical terminology, scientific convention, and publication readiness related aspects.

Each time the researchers use online tools to make their writing better and publication ready, they quickly discover that most grammar and spelling checkers do not cater to the specific requirements of formal academic writing. Academic writing is objective, precise, and structured; uses a formal tone; contains domain-specific terms and citations; and is intended for academic communities. In short, a standard grammar and spelling check process is not sufficient for a manuscript to be submitted for publication in a journal. There has been an increasing need for a writing assistant that can not only provide discipline-specific language corrections and enhancements but also help the researchers handle publication-specific requirements such as style guide adherence, consistency checking, and word count limitations.

The recently launched writing assistant Trinka, a custom-built language enhancement tool for academic and technical writing, addresses the specific needs of scientific writers and authors. Trinka, which took years in the making, is purposefully created with an aim to improve manuscripts for academic English usage and technical vocabulary and prepare them for publication. Trinka in its present avatar corrects grammar, spelling, usage, and domain-specific errors, and helps scholars communicate their research in English in a concise and engaging manner.

The comparison table below shows how Trinka performs over other writing tools:

Features Trinka Others Tools
Academic Style Guides
Technical Spelling
Technical Phrasing
Academic Tone Limited
Word Count Reduction Limited
Unbiased Language Limited
Vague Language
Advanced Grammar
Sentence Structure
Word Choice
US/UK Style
Detailed Explanations

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To find out how Trinka compares with the leading grammar correction tools, we tested it on 5778 words from five academic domains to check for the accuracy of corrections, style guide preferences, conciseness, and contextual spelling checks – all of which are pivotal to academic and technical writing.

The results showed that Trinka’s performance on deep language and subject-specific usage and terminology issues is far superior to even the market-leading grammar tools. Trinka suits academic writing the best because it provides a fine balance between accuracy and coverage and because of its publication-readiness-specific features. Trinka grasps the differences in writing styles among subjects and provides corrections specific to the subject of the paper. It works in real time to recognize each word typed in the context of the writing and the subject. With detailed suggestions, Trinka also helps in enhancing the writing skills of authors.

It is evident that Trinka provides the best balance, be it between its coverage and accuracy or between language and domain error correction. In conclusion, Trinka performed the best among all the other top grammar checkers and is well attuned to academic and scientific writing across all domains.

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