5 Tips to Write Scientific Article When You Lack Motivation

Having to write a scientific article usually requires very good focus and research. It demands that you put in all your concentration to deliver a top-notch job. It is never a time to write scientific articles when you find yourself without an iota of motivation. A lack of motivation can be caused by many factors. There could be a task you always freak out on like remembering some incoming test in college. Anything can swing the mood and make you procrastinate assigned duties. You need to fight this feeling and not allow it to degenerate into avolition which is a worse state of lack of motivation.

How do you find an alternative to whatever you have to do that is important when you are not motivated? This should be the very question ringing in your mind whenever you have something as important as writing a scientific article. If you majored in one of the sciences, then it could be easier for you to put something together but if you have to research and read about the research topic and review the literature, then you have to work on being motivated first. Let us have a look at 5 tips to follow when you lack motivation while writing a scientific article.

How to Write Scientific Article When You Lack Motivation?

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1. Take a Nap to Clear Your Head

When you are tired and it seems like every part of your body system is shutting down, it will be nearly impossible to commit anything to memory if you were reading in preparation for writing an article. You may even find yourself reading lines over and over again before you can understand them. Lack of sleep will negatively impact any attempt to learn new things. A short nap wouldn’t do any harm at this time. It will help your brain to reboot and be able to process things faster when you wake. It is just like the case of a computer system that needs to be restarted when all attempts to use it seem to be frustratingly hanging.

2. Ask Someone for Help

It is good to take a nap. However, you may even require longer hours of rest in situation where you are extremely exhausted. What if you didn’t have the luxury of time? What will you do? Probably, someone gave you an assignment to write the articles that came with a shorter deadline. If you already agreed to deliver the assignment, it would be a breach of contract if you decline it or don’t make the deadline. In the long run, it could also affect your working relationship and you may not get jobs even when you are motivated to work.

In situation as this, you can ask someone for help who is an expert in the niche area you are writing about. Let’s say you are to write an article in the area of clinical medicine, you can ask for the help of a medical device regulatory consultant that will provide you with the needed information and guidance. Such medical experts can do justice to any article in the medical field that would get nods of approval from those who gave you the assignment.

You must be looking for ways to get all the information you need. Maybe all you need is a revision of the things you already know. In cases like that, you should check what resources you can use, for example guides by Osmosis can be very useful in reminding you why you love medicine and how you can use writing to help others.

3. Watch Some Inspiring Movie

When you watch a movie for say 90 minutes or more, it can significantly lift the moody nature off you. You have to make the right choice though and this depends on you actually as one person’s preference could be different from another’s. If you are able to get that movie that can lift your mood, and get you motivated, go for it immediately. Now, this is the trick. It is possible to lose that motivation after the movie if you delay starting your article immediately. So once you complete the movie, hit your article immediately when your spirits are still high and leave no room for disturbance of any sort. Ironically, the lack of motivation usually disappears once you are done with the article. Wish science could explain that to us!

4. Indulge in Some Fun Activities

Another way to get motivated is to hang out quickly with some friends doing things you love for fun. You can go play soccer with your friends or go on a group biking experience. Make sure it is not too tiring so it doesn’t weaken you. You can take some excuse to be on your way after getting the motivation you need. Just let them know you have a deliverable and are sorry for breaking the party.

5. Take Your Work Tools to an Offbeat Place

This may seem less important but it sure works like magic. If you have ever seen people reading near a tennis court when matches are going on or at a swimming pool center, then that is the type of inspiration I am talking about. You can take your laptop and head to a place where the fun going on can work some tricks on your mood and lift your lack of motivation. Occasionally, you can lift your head to watch the activities for more inspiration. Make sure you don’t get lost in it though.

Final Thoughts

If you hope to write a very good science article, you can’t afford to be fighting a lack of motivation at the same time. How to deal with such a situation? These tips here would go a long way! Lack of motivation can happen to anyone and you can’t blame yourself if it happens to you frequently. You just need to find several ways of dealing with it so you can get other important things done. Let us know in the comments section below how these tips helped you beat that lack of motivation!

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