Whichever Universe, It’s Not So STRANGE to Be a DOCTOR of Philosophy! (It’s a Superpower, Indeed!)

“PhDs, Assemble!”

Donned as a badge of honor, the “Doctor” as a prefix to your name is just getting you closer to relating with the superheroes you’ve been imitating all this while.

But why imitate?

Name a Superpower and a PhD has it!

For if you think it’s a random allusion…well, it’s not!

Let me tell you why!

As Telepathic as Doctor Strange!

Doctor Strange

The telepathic power of Doctor Stephen Strange correlates with a PhD’s genius intellect in understanding the supervisor’s expectations of you and then working progressively to fulfill them.

Tony Stark Has an Inevitable Intellect but So Do You!

He may not be the fittest but is definitely the wittiest. And with his intellect and a lot of sass, Mr. Stark doesn’t shy away from owning up to his incredible brain over brawn. So, if people call you a nerd, it is all things best to save the world (with your research, of course!). Although, not as easy as with “A Snap!”

As Worthy as the Thunder God

Not all can lift the Mjolnir of PhD; so, being worthy of landing in a PhD program is a superhuman act in itself.

Shapeshifting Through Roles

Made famous by Mystique from the X-men universe, smoothly copying anyone’s look to the extreme is a PhD’s realm. A PhD’s power of shapeshifting from being a student to filling the shoes of a teaching assistant, being a principal investigator of a study, being an exceptional orator whilst presenting at conferences, etc. as the situation demands are impeccable.

Absorbing Knowledge at Quicksilver’s Speed

Quicksilver, who? As a PhD, the ability to ascertain knowledge at an acceleration, especially whilst collating data and reviewing literature runs thick in the veins of a researcher. Furthermore, a mind so inquisitive and quick comprehension of technical things and protocols makes a PhD an accelerated learner.

Spidey-Senses Aren’t Just His!


If Peter Parker another doctorate in biochemistry can, so can you! A PhD is always alert, observant, and vigilant, be it in or out of the lab. A PhD’s senses are best demonstrated when they know exactly when an experiment’s hypothesis won’t work (sometimes even before having to perform it).

Witchcraft Isn’t Only at Wanda’s Instance

WandaScience and sorcery in a statement could be self-defying, but have you seen a PhD manage their projects and daily tasks whilst maintaining a healthy work-life balance? If you don’t call that sorcery, I wonder what is? However, one must also manage their stress levels as a PhD, to not let the loss of Vision (here, a wrong gone hypothesis) create a Westview.

Healing Power of Deadpool


One can’t lay themselves back with the burnouts caused throughout a PhD journey. That’s where the accelerated healing power of Deadpool (along with his wit and charm!) comes to your rescue. Be it a terribly presented paper, a declined thesis defense, or unacceptance of your research proposal, a PhD always lifts himself up and dusts himself off in no time and gets ready for new challenges to face.

Peak Reflexes to Defy Steve Rogers’?

Captain America

Just like Captain America’s superhuman reflexes, a PhD proficiently manages multiple assignments, conference presentations, thesis writing, lab work, etc. Well, you could do this all day!

Attempting to make it more believable, you’re just “Divided by Fiction, United by Science!

So, here’s to you being a superhero and outsmarting everyone in your battle to get that degree and make the world a better place to live with your research! As you are a superhero with a PhD, after all!

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