How to Present at International Conferences


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This webinar will discuss how researchers can identify relevant academic conferences and get the most out of them. Presenting at conferences is an important part of scientific communication and is very important for enhancing any researcher’s career prospects. For early-stage researchers, addressing a large audience and presenting their study in an effective and time-bound manner can sometimes be a challenging task. In this webinar, we will focus on some basic principles that will help early-stage researchers understand the importance of effectively presenting at international conferences. By following the standard journal selection practices recommended by Enago Academy, researchers will be able to further improve their presentation skills.

After this session, you will gain critical information on the following:

  • Guidelines on selecting relevant conferences
  • Principles behind writing abstracts for conferences
  • Planning and preparing content for conferences
  • Tips for rehearsing presentations and overcoming stage fright
  • Improving your professional network through international conferences

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