Join Enago in Celebrating Peer Review Week 2020!

Enago, a global leader in editing and publication support services, is thrilled to participate and propel dynamic innovations in the sixth edition of the much-awaited global event—Peer Review Week (PRW) 2020—that will take place this year during September 21–25. Each year, PRW provides a single unified platform with a unique learning experience for researchers, editors, publishers, libraries, universities, scholarly and scientific societies, funders, and those committed to sharing the fundamental message that good peer review, in all forms, is paramount to scholarly communication. Moreover, a range of customized events, webinars, interviews, and social media activities are conducted to emphasize the critical role of peer review in research.

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2020 has been volatile and tough for everyone, and the research community has faced its share of challenges too. This year’s theme — Trust in Peer Review is befitting to the current global uncertainty and will draw attention to the workings of the peer review process and how it aids in building confidence in research. As a key member of the organizing committee, Enago will be making significant contributions through a number of events in sync with this year’s theme during and after PRW.

To begin with, we have an interactive panel discussion on September 23, 2020, comprising a panel of publishing experts from leading academic publishing houses—Wiley, IOP Publishing, and Karger Publishers who will get into a discourse about how publishers are pivotal to bolstering trust in the long-standing peer review system. The speakers will discuss substantial changes made to their editorial and review procedures during the pandemic, how they deal with the high volume of research papers, how they continue to maintain trust in reviews, and novel policies and provisions implemented to bolster the peer-review system. Indulge in this highly anticipated activity by interacting with our distinguished panel members and discuss your questions or ideas with them. Send us your queries at academy@enago.com.

We also take this opportunity to announce the second installment of our Global Research Risk Assessment survey initiative, the Global Peer Review Survey. The thoughts and opinions gathered from the survey will be shared with top publishers. These will be instrumental in propelling the discussion around the viable solutions and innovations in the peer-review process. Hurry up and make your voice count by taking this survey before September 30, 2020.

We also have an opinion-based guest post (Part 1 & Part 2) featuring comments from learned researchers, reviewers, and editors on their peer review experiences. That’s not all—we are also developing a practical reviewer handbook, which will work as a guide for researchers and reviewers with essential aspects to keep in mind when reviewing a manuscript as well as when responding to peer reviewer’s comments. The handbook will be released directly on the website and will be made available to download for all. So, all the more reason to watch this space!

To sum up, the holistic importance of authentic scholarly publications has seldom been as public or urgent as now. Preserving trust in the peer review decision-making process is paramount so we can resolve the most pressing problems. This involves ensuring that the review process is transparent—easily discoverable, obtainable, and comprehensible for anyone writing, reviewing, or reading peer-reviewed content—and all involved in the process receive the training and education required to play their part in making it dependable. Enago will continue to be a frontrunner in consolidating trust in this process and promoting continual innovations to make it robust enough to withstand any future seismic global disruptions.

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