Peer Review Week Turns Six! Celebrate ‘Trust in Peer Review’ With Enago Academy

The month of September is almost at our doorstep and so is Peer Review Week 2020! With the global lockdown being extended for months, there has been a lot of uncertainty across all sections of the society, the research community being no exception. However, this did not dampen our spirits and here we are, planning this year’s Peer Review Week (September 21-25). In fact, the celebrations have already begun with the announcement of this year’s theme—Trust in Peer Review. Are you buzzing with excitement just as we are? Let us discuss some more about this year’s theme.

Significance of Trust in Peer Review Process

The academic publishing industry includes several people from different communities, e.g., researchers, publishers, editors etc. For all these people to coexist, collaborate and co-work with each other, trust is the most key element.

Peer reviews have always been the cornerstone for every scientific and scholarly communication. In fact, the peer review process accounts for originality, clarity, and transparency of all research findings. A rigorous peer-review process is essential for building trust within the scientific community.

However, there have been instances where the trust in the peer review process may have been broken. For example, for researchers who have fallen prey to unfair means or unethical practices followed by predatory journals, maintaining trust in the peer review process becomes questionable! Similarly, publishing research plagiarized by researchers, has taken a toll on the credibility on the journals and publishers. Further, in the midst of this COVID-19 pandemic, having reliable and valid research publications is one of the most pressing issues that demand immediate attention. This reliability is, in turn, the key ingredient to a common man’s trust in the scientific community.

So this year, the Peer Review Week Committee has decided to focus on the trust in the peer review process, with all the events and discussions revolving around making the same. Peer Review Week brings in people having diverse views about the intricacies of peer review on a single platform. This year too, the members of the academic community, including we at Enago Academy, are planning a week full of events and activities based on the theme.

For the Peer Review Week about to be celebrated from September 21-25 this year, we have planned several events focusing on the nitty-gritties of peer review.

For more details, stay tuned and you shall hear from us soon!

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Let’s use this opportunity to collectively train, educate, share, debate, and motivate our community for building trust during this Peer Review Week.

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