Enago Partners With iThenticate to Offer Plagiarism Check Service

Enago, a leading provider of English language editing and publication services, has partnered with iThenticate to offer plagiarism check service to academic authors. Enago is dedicated to following best practices on ethical matters and advocates ethical publication practices. It is also a member of several industry associations like the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). With this partnership, researchers will now have access to the best plagiarism detection services that will ensure the manuscript is scanned for plagiarism before journal submission. Any accidentally plagiarized content will be assessed and flagged for change. Authors will receive detailed iThenticate assessment reports and expert assistance that will guide them on how to revise their manuscripts.

Sharad Mittal, CEO at Enago, said, “We at Enago are aware of the tremendous pressure researchers in the academic and publishing community are facing today for publishing their research. We have witnessed several potential cases of ethical violation where the authors unknowingly incorporate plagiarized content. This decisive partnership will empower the research community by allowing plagiarism checkers to flag the plagiarized content in their manuscripts before journal rejections take place.”

He further added, “Enago, as a world-renowned editing & publishing service provider whose objective is to help researchers overcome language barriers, is pleased to enter into a new partnership with iThenticate, one of the smartest technology-driven tools widely used by major publishers. This collaboration builds on our strategy of providing language error-free manuscripts with non-plagiarized content.”

In Sharad’s view, the solution to the problem of ubiquitous plagiarism is for authors to screen their own manuscripts for plagiarism prior to submission. He explains: “The tools are now made easily available by Enago, they are easy to use, and the results are astonishing. Screening for plagiarism before submission will save authors a lot of time, and in some cases, it could even save their academic careers.”

For more information, please visit https://www.enago.com/publication-support-services/plagiarism-check.htm

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