Scientific Publishing in the Asian Century: An International Perspective (The 3rd Annual Asian Science Editors’ Conference, Korea)

Seoul, Korea: Enago attended the 3rd Asian Science Editors’ Conference and Workshop, held at the Korea Science and Technology Center in Seoul from July 20 to 22, 2016. The event was organized by the Council of Asian Science Editors (CASE) and was supported Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information (KISTI).

The non-partisan, not-for-profit organization, CASE, was officially established in 2014 through a collaboration of the Korean Council of Science Editors (KCSE) and the Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies (KOFST) to “improve the quality of science journals published in Asia through consulting and information exchange regarding editing and publishing.” The theme for the organization’s third conference was “Development of Asian Scientific, Technological, and Medical Journals to an International Level.”

The event was a platform for participants to discuss Asia’s place in the current research landscape as well as international standards for scientific journals. The theme was aptly mirrored in the plenary lecture by Youngsuk Chi, chairman of Elsevier, on “Scientific Publishing in the Asian Century: An International Perspective.” The conference included sessions on journal publication and publication policies in Asian countries, open access in Asia, CrossRef, and JATS XML format for Asian journals.

“The quality of scientific research in Asia continuously improves, and as such, scholars in Asia are publishing a greater number of research papers,” said Pranjal Thapliyal, Country Manager, Crimson Interactive Korea. “CASE’s annual conference provided the perfect meeting ground for journal editors, researchers, and students to collaborate with each other and validate their research, as well as interact with companies, like CrossRef and TurnItIn, trying to connect with researchers globally.”

About Enago

Enago is the flagship brand of Crimson Interactive Inc., an award-winning language solutions company that serves academia and industry through three main entities: Enago (English Editing and Publication Support), Ulatus (Translation), and Voxtab (Transcription). Enago employs one of the market’s largest teams of editors (850+) who are proven language and subject-matter experts in more than 1,100 disciplines. To date, the company’s talented pool of specialists has helped more than 81,000 authors share their research in the most impactful journals across the globe. Crimson has a local presence in Japan, China, Taiwan, Turkey, Korea, Brazil, Germany, Russia, India, and the United States.



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