Enago Academy Unveils a Brand New Suite of Comprehensive Resources for Research Students

NEW YORK: Enago Academy, a knowledge-sharing platform supporting the global community of researchers and authors, is glad to announce new additions to its repertoire of resources. These additions include comprehensive resources such as articles curated especially for PhD students, infographics, a dynamic Q&A forum, and a single section detailing the manuscript’s journey. These resources present the information with an interesting and fun approach, especially for the new generation of student researchers.

Anupama Kapadia, Editor-in-Chief, Enago Academy, says, “We are very proud to announce the addition of new and effective resources to our author learning platform. Developed in line with Enago Academy’s commitment to support researchers at every phase of publication, we are sure that these resources will be very helpful for busy researchers who want information at a glance and need quick answers to their questions. Our objective will always be to keep innovating and bringing on board new features to improve author experience.”

A brief introduction to the new sections:

  • Manuscript’s journey: A one-stop platform for researchers, addressing most common questions related to scholarly publishing from beginning to end. The structured content provides tips, instructions, and insights, covering the seven main steps of the publication cycle—Manuscript Preparation, Manuscript Formatting, Journal Selection, Manuscript Submission, Peer Review, After Publication, and Research Promotion.
  • PhD Café: A curated collection of blog articles sharing experiences, challenges, and benefits of pursuing doctoral and post-doctoral research. The interesting and insightful content also offers advice on do’s and don’ts for students to help them plan and manage their graduate program effectively.
  • Q&A Forum: A dynamic Q&A platform to engage and communicate with researchers. It aims to provide expert response and comments to all the queries posed by researchers, at any phase of manuscript writing and publication.
  • Infographics: A collection of intuitively designed infographics featuring latest trends in scholarly publishing and academic research. The shareable resource aims to provide succinct and easy-to-understand information in a visually appealing way, to save the time of the readers.


To learn more about Enago Academy, please visit: www.enago.com/academy

To download the app, please visit www.enago.com/academy/mobile-app/

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