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Almost all of us are under quarantine right now. Schools, colleges, universities, etc. have been shut down worldwide. Workplaces and laboratories too have been shut down and we are all restricted to stay home. Most of us are done watching our favorite shows on repeat. What else can we do? Why not do some reading? Reading that might be helpful in getting your research published?

In our previous article, we shared a few checklists for researchers to help them during their publication journey, especially after the research is completed. Herein we have a few ebooks prepared exclusively for researchers that might be helpful to them throughout their publication journey. Let us give a brief idea about each of them.

Facing Dilemma While Choosing the Target Journal?

‘What should be the best journal to publish my academic research?’—The much dreaded question for a researcher. Choosing a target journal is one of the most crucial processes in the research publication. Researchers, especially early career researchers, often face difficulty while journal selection. The objective to publish a research is to communicate the findings in the most appropriate journal after undergoing the peer review process. This not only helps in acknowledging your contribution to the particular research field but also in advancing your academic career, providing opportunities for research collaborations and grants.

Our ebook designed especially for early-stage researchers and students will provide them with effective tips and tricks on how to navigate through their search for the right journal while publishing their research. It also serves as a step-by-step guide with relevant information related to journal characteristics, competitive factors, types of journals and articles, open access publishing models, and more. Do give it a read!

Did You Ask for Tips on Language and Grammar?

Usage of correct language and grammar in academic writing is important for the manuscript to be accepted by the journal. Although we may be extremely fluent in English, we may stumble several times while drafting a manuscript. Whether to write ‘among’ or ‘between’? Or maybe this section should have been drafted in the past tense? Well, there are several such questions that researchers get stuck on. Incorrect grammar in a manuscript will fail in effectively communicating the work to the readers and peers. In fact, manuscripts also face rejection if they are poorly written. Therefore, it is essential for authors, especially non-native English speakers to familiarize themselves with basic language and grammar rules that need to be followed.

We have an ebook here that aims to give our readers a list of basic considerations with respect to various language and grammar rules that need to be followed while drafting academic manuscripts. Don’t miss out on reading this ebook if you are drafting your manuscript during the quarantine.

Even Researchers Must Be Productive!

While the laboratories have been shut down for an indefinite period, researchers are not the most motivated right now. But even this period of lockdown can be productive. Productivity is essential to researchers at every stage of their career. However, the challenges they face are enormous and productivity can be lost somewhere along the way. Although maintaining your productivity may seem difficult at times, it is not impossible. A few changes in the way you work/function can go a long way in improving and maintain your productivity.

To know more about being a productive researcher, do check out this ebook. Within this ebook, we have provided a list of guidelines that can be followed in order to maintain your productivity as a researcher. In addition to general guidelines, we have covered aspects that could be specific to Ph.D. researchers, postdoctoral fellows, and principal investigators. Let us know if any of these have been helpful in increasing your productivity now and later as well.

Go Digital to Promote Your Research!

Digitalization has crept into our lives and we realize its utility very well during this lockdown when we are entirely depending on the digital world. Digitalization has changed the landscape of scientific research. Today, researchers can unravel several possibilities just at the click of a button. Research is a collaborative effort, and digitalization has made it possible for researchers to collaborate with like-minded peers from the comfort of their own workspaces. This also serves the purpose of increasing your visibility as a researcher and promoting your work.

To clear your doubts on using digital networking to improve your research visibility, you can check through our ebook on digital networking. Our ebook aims to guide researchers to effectively use digital networking platforms to network, collaborate, and promote their work, thereby improving their career prospects. We hope this book helps you increase your visibility through digital networking.

How to Be an Entrepreneur from a Research Background?

Researchers, who do not intend to pursue a career in academia, have multiple alternatives available to them. Entrepreneurship is one such interesting alternative that researchers can explore as a career option. In some cases, during their research study, researchers develop novel products that have the potential to be commercialized. In such cases, they build their business ideas around commercializing products that they have developed themselves.

Herein we have an ebook entirely devoted how a researcher can become an entrepreneur. You will get a list of guidelines that can be followed to successfully establish research-inspired entrepreneurship. To clear your basic concepts about research-based entrepreneurship, we have discussed the concept and details. Besides these, we also have a list of tips that you might need to keep in mind during this entrepreneurial journey.

We hope you will find make the best use of these ebooks while you are forced to stay at home and make your research publication a success. Do let us know your thoughts while you read through them!

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