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AI innovation. Tailor-made for publishers.

AI is a part of every progressive publisher’s roadmap for building strategic advantages.
Enago partners with you in your journey to becoming a technology-first publisher
with AI solutions that are tailored to your needs.

AuthorONE AI-enhances every step of your editorial workflow

AuthorONE combines all our AI technologies to offer 60+ data points for complete editorial decision-making assistance. With a robust account management system, you can manage all your titles and editorial teams on a single customizable platform.

Use AuthorONE as the singular platform, harness each of our technologies individually, or ask us to build for your unique needs.

Manuscript screening

Best manuscript assessment for instant desk review

Boost technical review with AI-driven readiness checks that enable screening in just few minutes. From technical readiness checks to plagiarism and ethical compliance, our technology offers you a holistic review of every submission instantly. Even better, every assessment is customized to your exact editorial preferences.

Journal recommender

Real-time journal recommendation for authors

Let your authors know the best-fit journal even before they submit. Our AI-powered journal recommendation technology recommends exclusively from your portfolio. Integrate our Journal recommender micro-service on your submission pages and avoid submissions that don’t match.

Scope intelligence

Instant scope matching and cascading

Sieve non-relevant submissions while cascading the submission within your portfolio with a scope-matching technology exclusively customized to your portfolio. Integrate our Scope intelligence micro-service at any step within your workflow or see it within AuthorONE.

Concept intelligence

Instant paper summarization and key concepts identification

Understand the paper and the key ideas in minutes and make peer reviews more efficient and effective. Use concept intelligence to boost engagement and stickiness leveraging your existing content on your web sites.

Copy-edit level recommender

Realize cost-savings with copy-edit effort identified per manuscript

See the exact copy-editing effort for each manuscript instantly and save time and effort. Our Copy-edit level recommender is powered our proprietary language quality assessment technology and offers the most accurate evaluation for every manuscript. Integrate it at any step within your workflow and harness the power of AI for real benefits.

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AI copy-editing

AI-powered copy-editing assistance tailored to your preferences

Use our state-of-the-art language enhancement engine to improve the language quality of all your submissions in minutes, and let your copy-editors benefit from editing assistance tailored for academic content. Integrate this micro-service within your workflow or use it within AuthorONE.

Technology that stands out

  • Tailor-made AI

    Crimson AI products are tailor made for academic content and deliver the highest precision.

  • Complete customizability

    All publisher products can be customized to specific subjects, titles, publication types, and any parameter that matters to you.

  • High availability

    Crimson AI products are built with robust scalability in mind. They adapt to your volume and ensure 24/7 availability.

  • Complete security

    All your data is secured at every step so you are sure of complete data safety. You even have the option to purge your data.

We are trailbrazers in AI technology for publishers

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