Top 20 Tips for Presenting at International Conferences

  Apr 16, 2018   Enago Academy
  : Beyond Publishing, Infographics, PhD Café

Presenting at international conferences is an integral aspect of scientific communication. It helps enhance researcher’s career prospects. Attending good conferences can be the best way of learning about new developments in a research field. However, for early-stage researchers, identifying the right conference, addressing larger audiences, and explaining their study in an effective and time-bound manner, can sometimes be daunting tasks. Moreover, with the increase in the number of predatory conferences, researchers should look for warning signs to distinguish between a predatory and a legitimate conference.

If researchers utilize this opportunity well, they can open doors to effective networking and future collaborations. Check out the handy checklist below to make your presentation experience at international conferences worthwhile!



International Conferences

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Comments are closed for this post.