How to Ace Your Next Virtual Academic Conference

Session Agenda

Academic conferences have long been an effective means of research promotion. They are not only a great platform to showcase the latest findings and network with research professionals globally but also a useful forum for researchers to perceive state-of-the-art knowledge from experts in the field. Lately, virtual conferences have been gaining immense popularity and are gradually becoming a norm. Also, it has become essential for researchers to adapt to this new format to target the audience impressively and communicate crucial aspects of their research work convincingly. This webinar will aim to prepare researchers for successfully delivering a striking presentation and help them overcome the most pressing challenges with virtual sessions.

Through this session, researchers will increase their awareness about:

  • How to identify the right conference
  • How to overcome common challenges while presenting virtually
  • Effective tips to design impressive and authoritative video presentations
  • How to be a better scientific presenter and keep your audience engaged
  • How to handle Q&A professionally
  • Tips for successful networking

Who should attend this session?

  • Graduate students
  • Master's Student
  • Ph.D. Student
  • Early-stage researchers
  • Doctoral students
  • Postdoctoral Researchers

About the Speaker

Dr. Gavin Hougham, Ph.D.

  • Dr. Hougham is a highly published author and researcher with 20+ years of extensive experience in manifold scientific fields such as bioinformatics, health information technology, sociology, and cross-cultural Japanese gerontology.
  • Currently appointed as the Sponsored Grants Research Manager, Office of the Vice-President for Research, New York Medical College, New York, U.S.A, Dr. Hougham has led many senior-level projects at the strategic level in training and development of health outcomes researchers, program evaluators, clinicians, social workers, nurses, and other scientists.
  • To date, Dr. Hougham has 150+ publications to his credit which include research papers, books, book chapters, review articles, and book reviews. He is also an expert editor and reviewer of peer-reviewed journals, grants, and books.
  • Further, Dr. Hougham has won 10+ grants and multiple awards for best scientific poster and oral presentations at conferences.
  • Dr. Hougham is an esteemed member of various academic and medical societies such as the American Public Health Association, American Society for Bioethics and Humanities, Society of Hospital Medicine, and Society for Medical Decision Making.
  • At Enago Academy, Dr. Hougham conducts basic and advanced sessions for guiding research scholars successfully through their publication journey.

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About the Speaker

Dr. Gavin Hougham

Highly published author, educator, and public speaker with over 150 professional papers and presentations


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