Strategic Partnership With Clarivate Analytics Set To Boost Russian Research

Recently, the Russian Ministry of Education and Science has entered into a multi-year agreement with Clarivate Analytics. This will result in the number of scientific research institutions across the Russian Federation with access to the Web of Science increasing from 300 to 1,600 institutions. The agreement between Clarivate Analytics and the Russian Ministry of Education and Science will give these institutions full access to the premier online platform for scholarly research. The Web of Science resource is known to be an incredibly powerful tool for mapping current research directions and should help Russian scientific researchers to connect with scientists working in similar disciplines around the globe. Under the agreement, scientific research from as far back as 1975 will be accessible to Russian researchers as well as the Russian Science Citation Index and the Emerging Sources Citation Index which currently includes more than 7,500 journal titles. A 10-year archive for the Emerging Sources Citation Index should be released later in 2017.

The Web of Science is a research platform that allows users to access several forms of scholarly research, including journal articles, patents, and conference proceedings. The Web of Science has data going back to 1900 and includes citations to these academic outputs. This is particularly powerful if you are trying to understand a field from the very beginning through to the present day. The Web of Science coverage is extensive. It contains data from the Derwent Patent Citation Index and funding acknowledgment data which makes it possible to trace the link between funding that went into a particular research paper and its impact both in terms of citations and patents.

With the Russian Minister signing this agreement, scientific research in that country should receive a significant boost. As Russian scientists begin to utilize the Web of Science they will be able to see the entire research landscape as it relates to their field. This will put them on equal footing with the global leaders of science and help them to establish collaborations with scientists from around the world increasing their research impact. According to Vij Krishnan, who is the Global Head of Emerging Markets at Clarivate Analytics, the agreement will provide Russia with access to critical research and analytics that should support the lifecycle of innovation across the Federation.

This agreement is truly a strategic partnership between Russia and the Web of Science, which should empower scientists to conduct scientific research with even greater impact. The fact that Clarivate Analytics will also be giving Russian scientists’ access to the Emerging Sources Citation Index helps improve the coverage of Web of Science to even more researchers. In a few years, Russia should begin to reap the benefits of this investment.

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