ScienceOpen Recognized by ORCID for Collect and Connect Program

ScienceOpen is not only a discovery and networking platform for researchers but also a leader in integrating ORCID into their activities. ORCID has recently acknowledged ScienceOpen for their commitment to ORCID’s Collect and Connect program. An ORCID iD is a unique identifier assigned to a researcher when they register with ORCID. This iD should then be used when publishing, applying for grants or engaging in other scholarly activities. There are several journal publishers who will automatically update a researcher’s ORCID profile to help keep each authors’ publishing history up to date. The profile can include research funding, awards, and citations.

The ORCID mantra is “enter once, reuse often”. Once you have associated information with your ORCID iD you won’t need to enter it again. More ORCID members, publishers, and funders are encouraging scientists to have ORCID iDs. ORCID has developed guidelines for ORCID integration within their Collect and Connect program.

The Collect and Connect program was designed to:

  • Ensure that those in the scholarly publishing industry understand their role in including ORCID in the workflows and its benefits
  • Keep collection protocols, iD display, and data exchange options consistent
  • Help organizations verify connections between researchers, places, and contributions to the scientific community
  • Improve the efficiency of ORCID integration into existing systems
  • Help organizations understand how an ORCID iD can support trusted data exchange and reduce repetitive data entry across platforms.

ORCID for Researchers

ORCID iD allows scientists to maintain a complete record of their accomplishments that is independent of any research institute. An ORCID iD would include a researcher’s publishing history and citations record. ORCID can also help research funding agencies to avoid repetitive data entry. Journal publishers can use ORCID to verify an author’s identity and publication and peer review record. ScienceOpen is therefore not the only platform that can benefit from ORCID’s Collect and Connect program.

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