RedLink Announces Partnership With PCG

RedLink helps libraries, publishers, and academic users achieve their objectives using data analytics. RedLink has created intuitive dashboards that include powerful visualization tools. These include Library Dashboard and Publisher Dashboard. Library Dashboard has many features. It allows for the easy collation of data from many sources that allow librarians to see how patrons are interacting with scholarly publications.

RedLink’s Library Dashboard also makes it easy to aggregate data so that librarians can easily detect trends. It makes it simple to see which journals and books patrons actually use, and how many requests for access are denied. Denial of access data can be viewed by bundles, journals, e-books, databases, publishers, or disciplines. This information can be used to decide how best to allocate a library’s budget for these resources. It also allows users to see cost-per-download and usage trends.

RedLink has recently announced that it will be exclusively represented by the Publishers Communication Group (PCG) for the North American region. The Library Dashboard has been beta tested by the Library of Congress, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, and the University of Patras. At present, the Library Dashboard is being used by the Westchester Academic Library Directors Organization (WALDO), the Virtual Library of Virginia (VIVA), the Zimbabwe University Library Consortium (ZULC), along with more than 35 academic and corporate libraries in the USA, Canada, Europe, and Japan.

The new partnership with PCG is expected to expand the market share of the Library Dashboard. PCG should be up to the challenge as they have a comprehensive understanding of the needs of libraries. PCG acquired this knowledge via their investment into market research and content sales.

RedLink’s Library Dashboard includes many data-rich visualization tools that have proven helpful to librarians. The Library Dashboard makes it easier for libraries to determine how best to spend their budgets. The partnership with PCG in the North American region should increase the use of the Library Dashboard. This should expand the benefits of the product to libraries in the continent.

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