PubFactory Brings Its Expertise to Academic Publishing

PubFactory is an online publishing platform which hosts more than 1,400 journals and over 400,000 books. Along with this, it also hosts to reference works, databases, and other content types. Apart from hosting data, PubFactory also has the capability to work with clients to generate a user interface for their data that will serve the needs of their target audience. Their client list is diverse and includes the International Monetary Fund, the Oxford English Dictionary, and Berghahn Journals.

Recently, PubFactory has initiated significant partnerships within the research community. PaperHive is a collaborative reading platform that allows citable discussions of academic papers from within the text. This process transforms reading from a solitary endeavor into an active discussion among readers. PaperHive has, therefore, been used in e-Learning, proofreading, and post-publication peer review, among other things. The partnership between PubFactory and PaperHive means that publishers hosted on PubFactory can now offer their readers more user engagement, the ability to annotate texts, the ability to have group discussions, and improved sharing capabilities.

Kudos is a website dedicated to helping researchers explain their work in a way that makes it more accessible to the general public. Kudos also allows users to share their content and track the impact of how often their work is read and shared across various social media channels. Kudos encourages authors to do this so that their work will be more widely ready and applied. Kudos brings their tracking expertise to their partnership with PubFactory. Publication data for PubFactory content will automatically be shared with Kudos, which can initiate promotions with and on behalf of authors. The success of these promotions can be monitored using Kudos’ infrastructure to evaluate clicks, views, downloads, and the other altmetrics that they usually capture.

Harvard University Press is a well-respected publisher founded in 1913 as a division of Harvard University. Harvard University Press has been recognized as a leading publisher of works in the sciences, humanities, and the social sciences. One of the more important works hosted by Harvard is the Loeb Classical Library, which was bequeathed to this publisher by James Loeb after his death. It currently contains more than 500 Greek and Latin texts and represents over 1,800 years of Classical literature. Harvard University Press continues to work with PubFactory to make the Loeb Classical Library available online. At the moment, this partnership is focusing on creating a responsive, mobile-first design for this invaluable resource. By current estimates, a mobile optimized version of the Loeb Classical Library should be available by early this year.

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