Peer Review Week 2021: Explore Multifaceted Views on “Identity in Peer Review” With Enago!

As the month of September knocks our door, Enago—a global leader in editing and publication support services, continues to participate in the seventh edition of the much-awaited global event of the publishing field—Peer Review Week (PRW) 2021. Scheduled from 20th to 24th September, the PRW 2021 provides access to unique learning experience for researchers, editors, peer reviewers, publishers, scholarly and scientific societies, etc. It is a unified platform that promotes ethical peer-reviewing practices as a paramount to scholarly communication. Additionally, the members of the Peer Review Week Steering Committee organize a range of customized events, webinars, interviews, and social media activities to create awareness about the vital role of peer review in all forms of research.

Despite the standstill brought by the pandemic, the scholarly publishing industry propelled with determination in expanding the research horizon. With this year’s PRW theme of “Identity in Peer Review” we aim to move towards a more reliable peer-reviewing system and understand the intricacies behind revealing identities in the peer-reviewing system.

Unmask facts and insights on “Identity in Peer Review” by visiting our page exclusively designed for the occasion of Peer Review Week 2021!

Enago Continues to be a Frontrunner of Peer Review Week

Being a core member of the organizing committee, Enago will be contributing significantly through a unique set of customized events  in accordance with this year’s theme during the PRW. Our enlightening activities throughout the PRW will help you in understanding the peer-reviewing process like never before!

We will commence the PRW with an interview segment on September 20th, comprising a panel of experienced peer reviewers of eminent academic journals. Their insights on the current peer-reviewing system, and how can we achieve an ideal peer-reviewing system brings in a new perspective amongst scholars. The interviewees share their experiences and speak about the substantial changes made in review procedures over the years. Furthermore, they share their views on “Identity in Peer Review” and how can it be a boon or bane in the system. Be a part of this highly anticipated and insightful activity, exclusively solicited from distinguished peer reviewers and find answers to all prevalent questions related to peer-reviewing. Let us know your thoughts on the segment at academy@enago.com.

The second day of the PRW, which is on the September 21st will bring to you an opinion-based blog post emphasizing on how identities and diversities can strengthen and transform the peer-reviewing system. It will discuss the need of following several well-defined practices to develop and reliable peer-reviewing system. The article will provide an unbiased view on the impact of revealing identities in peer review.

Attending the launch webinar of one-of-its-kind AI-based reviewing tool on 22nd September, will help you gain insights on how to make your peer-reviewing experience smoother and quicker than ever. The exclusively organized webinar will help researchers in gaining insights on developing strategies for boosting the peer-reviewing process and locating related literature with practical search process. Most importantly, this webinar will share insights on how ‘Review Assistant’—an unconventional AI-based peer-reviewing tool facilitates the peer review process and assists in generating high-quality review reports. Wait no more! Block your seat now and receive an exclusive code to get early access to ‘Review Assistant’.

This is not just it! On September 23rd, Enago will release handy peer review checklists for reviewers and authors. A pragmatic and comprehensive checklist for reviewers will ensure that your reviewer report provides detailed, constructive, and transparent feedback to improve the manuscript quality. Additionally, Enago’s checklist for authors will help you solve your doubts after receiving peer review report. Grab your copy now!

So what are you waiting for? Watch this space for intellectually bolstering activities we have in store for you!

Let’s use this opportunity to collectively celebrate this colossal event to educate, share, learn, and motivate the scholarly community in deciphering “Identity in Peer Review”

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