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To Unmask “Identity in Peer Review” or Not?

Moving Towards a Reliable Peer Reviewing System: A Conversation with Top Peer Reviewers

Listen to distinguished experts and understand the intricacies of peer review as they talk about the substantial changes in the peer-reviewing process over the years. Learn how the peer-reviewing system can leverage from “Identity in Peer Review”.

Opinions Solicited from the Following Distinguished Peer Reviewers

Marcelo Manucci, Ph.D. (Communication, Psychology)

Experienced peer reviewer for international journals and author of 8 books on Communication, Leadership, Human Talent

Neji Hasni, Ph.D.
(Artificial Intelligence)

Distinguished editor and reviewer of international technical
journals including IEEE Communications Magazine

Santiago Perez-Lloret, Ph.D. (Neurophysiology)

Awarded with the “Top Peer Reviewer” recognition by Publons and has made remarkable editorial contributions to international journals

Vanessa Lanoue, Ph.D. (Neuroscience)

Over 10+ years of peer-reviewing experience for journals such as Molecular Psychiatry, Scientific Reports, and The Journal of Physiology

Kimberley Skelton, Ph.D.
(Art History)

Peer reviewer for Amsterdam University Press, Routledge, and Yale University Press

Caroline Ntara, Ph.D. (International Business)

Exemplary peer-reviewing experience for scholarly journals on international trade and business

Dr. Olawale Alimi,
Veterinary Surgeon

Peer reviewing experience for journals indexed in Scopus, PubMed, Web of Science, and SCImago

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