Open Access Week 2017 Theme Revealed

When the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC) officially launched Open Access Week in 2008, it envisioned a world where research and its implications were both more visible and appreciated. Ever since they have hosted the Open Access Week they have brought into focus the effects of freely accessible research and open in action! Now, SPARC has officially announced the theme of Open Access Week 2017: “Open in order to…” The 10th International Open Access Week, which will take place from October 23-29, will celebrate open access by fostering a community-driven week of action.

Open in Order To…

In asking, “Open in order to…” the International Open Access Week prompts individuals to think what open access would mean to them and their communities. For example, open access journals give researchers the opportunity to see the research that has already been conducted and how to build on it in the future.

Beyond merely a principle, open access allows scientists and decision makers around the world to gain access to research. The International Open Access Week 2017 aims to help institutions and individuals understand the meaning of open access and its implications. More importantly, this celebration of open access will facilitate the planning for open access. Local or online events can be easily found by searching through the calendar of events!

What’s New in OA Week 2017?

The Open Access Week recognizes the diversity of the research community and in order to demonstrate open in action, there has even been an effort to crowd-source translations of “Open in order to” so that a diverse community can be engaged!

SPARC has planned Open Access Week 2017 to facilitate participants from all over the world to focus on the purpose of open access. It hopes that participants will host local events and discuss the anticipated outcomes of open access. Participants will then be able to identify actual steps that individual institutions can take to move towards the goals of open access.

Indeed, Open Access Week 2017 is a time to celebrate open research as well as plan for its future. In organizing these annual events, SPARC prompts individuals and institutions to consider what open in action means to them. When you go to answer the question, “I’m open in order to…” you can think of what you hope to do with your research and what steps will be needed to get you there.

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