June Takeaways for Enago Academy Readers

Enago Academy blog articles published in the month of June were entirely focused on providing tips for dealing with the numerous challenges faced by researchers during the publication journey.

Copied below is a compilation of some of the top-performing articles that were successful in grabbing readers’ attention.

1. Useful Tips for Creating Impressive PowerPoint Presentations
It is important to build a connection with the target audience when presenting your research. The article not only summarizes the dos and don’ts for PowerPoint-based presentations but also shares insights on how to present effectively using time-tested techniques. Learn how to narrate and not read your presentation.

2. Top 20 Tips for Successful Grant Application
You might need to think like an entrepreneur for writing an effective grant proposal. The article brings to you effective tips for comprehensively describing your research project. Find out how you can market your work effectively using legitimate techniques.

3. Top 10 Tips on Research-Inspired Entrepreneurship
You have finished your PhD, but are you willing to pursue an academic career? Find out if you have the necessary skills for becoming an entrepreneur and how can you get funding for a research-inspired initiative. Commercialize your business idea by learning more about research-inspired entrepreneurship during/after your PhD/postdoc.

4. How to Draft the Acknowledgment Section of a Manuscript
While writing the acknowledgement section, one should wisely identify the authors and contributors (non-authors) involved in a research study. This article helps you understand the difference between the above and provides useful tips on acknowledgements. Note that professional assistance taken for editing / proofreading should be duly acknowledged as per the ICMJE guidelines.

5. Storytelling in Science: Communicate Your Research in Style
Adopt a story-like approach for communicating with the target audience and share your observations in an engaging manner. The article explains how to draft manuscripts while keeping the key elements of a fictional story in mind. Awaken and refine the creative writer within you.

Would you like to tell us something about your first-ever publication? Please share your experience in the comments section below!

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