Enago Expands Outreach in Thailand via Author Workshops

Bangkok, Thailand: Enago recently conducted its latest author workshop in Thailand to introduce local researchers to publication of articles in international peer-reviewed journals. The workshop was conducted at Siriraj Hospital in Bangkok, which is the oldest and largest hospital in Thailand. The presentation provided an overview of how to write, submit, and publish an academic article in English to more than 115 medical researchers, faculty, staff, and students. Through such workshops, Enago provides researchers the opportunity to learn from experts in academic publishing, thus bridging the gap faced by ESL authors between research and publication.


Enago was represented by the distinguished academic expert, Dr. Scott Roach. After earning his PhD in Business Administration from Louisiana State University (LSU) in 1996, Dr. Roach was associated with both LSU and Northwestern State University. Throughout the course of his extensive career, he has authored/co-authored several books, manuscripts, and studies in reputed journals. Moreover, Dr. Roach has presented at several national and regional conferences in and around the US.

The workshop, “Introduction to Academic Publishing,” was focused towards early-stage researchers and first-time authors to help them publish. There was a Q&A session at the end of the event to address queries. Prior to the workshop, the participants had shared certain queries that they wanted to clarify, which were discussed during the presentation and the Q&A session. Dr. Roach commenced the presentation with an emphasis on the importance of publishing in English. He then covered topics such as how to write a paper (including structuring of manuscripts and improving language/grammar skills), how to identify the audience/scope of publication, and the importance of literature review. Subsequently, he discussed the importance of journal selection and identifying its publication and submission requirements. Finally, as many attendees were first-time authors, Dr. Roach provided participants with a brief overview of the complete publication cycle by sharing key insights into what they should expect from the process.

“Enago’s workshops demonstrate why Crimson Interactive was recently ranked in the top 100 companies in the Asia–Pacific region,” said Dr. Gary Sweeney, Strategic Partner, Emerging Markets, Enago. “Throughout everything we do, we are guided by the principle of optimizing ways to meet the needs of the global research community. The attendees at the Siriraj workshop confirmed our understanding that researchers (especially those in the early stages of their careers) thirst for knowledge and tools that will help them get published. We are excited to conduct more events like these at this particular location and in settings throughout the globe.”



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