Elsevier Upgrades With Plum Analytics and Quertle

Traditional ways of assessing the usefulness of published work relies on citation counts and impact factors. Plum Analytics was founded to expand the way we assess research impact. It is an altmetrics provider that allows users to incorporate more modern ways to assess the reach and impact of their work. Plum Analytics is recognized as an altmetrics pioneer and was founded in 2012. The service tracks the impact of published research by gathering data from scholarly sources, media, and social media.

Elsevier has recently acquired Plum Analytics and will incorporate its altmetrics into its existing products including Mendeley, Scopus, ScienceDirect and Pure. This acquisition will not affect the ability of current subscribers to assess altmetrics from Plum. The integration of Plum into Elsevier’s network will result in the analysis of more than 60 million articles from Scopus, 13 million from ScienceDirect, and articles hosted on Mendeley. This represents a significant increase in articles assessed by Plum. The integration of Plum’s altmetrics into Mendeley user profiles will allow them to see the impact of their research whether or not their institution has subscribed to Plum.

Olivier Dumon, managing director of research products at Elsevier has commented on the acquisition:

“We know altmetric solutions are increasingly important to the research community, providing a quicker, more diverse and complete measurement of performance. Combining Plum Analytics with our research products will give significantly more researchers a deeper understanding of how their research is being used and communicated. The acquisition fits with Elsevier’s strategy of helping researchers throughout their careers.”

Making Search More Useful

Quertle takes an artificial intelligence (AI) approach to help biomedical and life science researchers identify papers which are relevant to them. This BioAI has been specifically tailored to handle the complexity of medical and life science research and can also highlight the current trends in an area of study. Quertle also supplies visual analytics to assist you in finding the necessary articles and has the ability to highlight the relationships between complex concepts.

Elsevier has announced that all of the more than 14 million publications available through ScienceDirect will be integrated into Qinsight, Quertle’s discovery product. Qinsight relies on AI methods, including biomedically-optimized neural networks, which allows it to mimic the way an expert would discover key data and concepts. More than 40 million documents are already searchable from within Qinsight. The integration of the articles from ScienceDirect allows the utility of the service to expand even more. Articles available through ScienceDirect should be searchable from Qinsight within the first quarter of 2017 as part of a Qinsight subscription. Quertle is also the winner of the National Library of Medicine’s Innovation Challenge.



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