Dryad and DANS Ensure Permanence of Research Data

Dryad and DANS have entered into a new partnership. These free research databases announced a collaboration to ensure the preservation of a rich research data repository. Dryad makes the data underlying published research available online. This data is often linked to the associated peer reviewed publication in academic journals. The work of more than 50,000 researchers may be found on its online platform. It assigns a DOI to the data helping to make them searchable, reusable, and citable. Under the new agreement, the scholarly literature available through Dryad will be backed up to the DANS archive.

At the moment, Dryad’s online archiving system hosts more than 50,000 files in 15,000 data packages. By backing up its data in the DANS online archiving system, this global scientific data will remain accessible to all in the event of disruption of Dryad services. The data will also remain linked to the scholarly literature thanks to the partnership with DANS. DANS will also be Dryad’s successor archive to safeguard the discoverability of the digital object identifiers (DOIs) from this point forward. Metadata currently stored on Dryad servers will now also be accessible via the DANS online archive, EASY, in an open access format.

These research databases for academics seek to make digital research data and outputs of varying formats Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable (FAIR). This new partnership will allow a wider audience to discover this research data while safeguarding its permanence.

The new agreement will help to ensure permanent access to the scholarly literature stored in this free research database. The Dryad digital repository contains data that is associated with publications in academic journals. These data sets are often too large to be part of a paper but may be important to other scientists, particularly those with an interest in the reproducibility of research.  The partnership with DANS will ensure that this valuable data continues to be freely available to all even if there is a temporary loss of Dryad services.


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