Celebrating the World Pi Day and Einstein’s Birthday!

It is March 14 and we have reasons to celebrate. Well, why? Because it is World Pi Day and also the 139th birthday of the famous physicist Albert Einstein. We do not need an introduction for either of these. World Pi Day is the day we celebrate π, the most important constant in mathematics. While, the equation E=mc2 always reminds us of the Nobel laureate.


Being part of the academic community, we know a lot about Albert Einstein. But there are few facts that are not much commonly known about him. Check them out!

  1. Einstein never failed in mathematics. In fact, he had mastered differential and integral calculus when he was 15! It was only the forced discipline that made him drop out of school.
  2. He could play violin very well. He had started learning violin at the early age of six. Wolfgang Mozart had a great influence on his sense of music, making it an essential part of his life.
  3. Einstein had to struggle for about nine years before he landed up with a job in academia.
  4. He was interested not only in science, but also social issues like anti-Jew policies, racial discrimination etc. He was even invited to become the President of Israel, but he turned down the offer.
  5. Who ever thought that a solar event could play such an important role in one’s career? In case of Einstein it did. His theory remained controversial until a solar eclipse took place, providing the suitable conditions to confirm his theory.


Hey, wait! The post is not over yet. We are also celebrating the World Pi Day today. You already know some facts about pi. Here are a few fun facts you would also like to know.

  1. The World Pi Day is celebrated on March 14 (3/14), but the celebrations officially begin at 1:59 pm. If you arrange these numbers (3.14159), does it remind you of something? Yes, you guessed it right! That is the approximate value of π!
  2. Greek mathematician Archimedes of Syracuse was one of the first to calculate the value of pi.
  3. The World Pi Day should not be confused with the Pi Approximation Day. It falls on July 22 (in America). Try writing the date (7/22) and there’s a surprise for you!
  4. Did you know there was a sport based on pi? Pi-ball, as it is called, was invented in South America in 2008, on the occasion of the World Pi Day. It is similar to beach volleyball.
  5. Where’s the zero in pi? There is no zero in the first 31 digits of the value of pi!

Let us celebrate both Physics and Mathematics today!

How did you celebrate the World Pi Day? Please share with us in the comments section below.

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