What the Avengers Endgame Taught Us About Science?

Since the movie Avengers Endgame hit the theatres, movie-lovers all over the world have paid several visits to the theatres. The movie has been one of the biggest blockbusters of this year. But did you mark the scientific theories that have been highlighted in the movie? Several terms related to the Quantum Theory have been addressed in the movie. Let us find out how many you could spot:

  • Time travel: This concept is related to the Theory of Special Relativity, but in the opposite direction. While the former talks about the moving ahead, the time travel concept talks about moving back in time to retrieve the Infinity Stones.
  • Many-worlds theory: This concept talks about the different outcomes of one event that take place in the two parallel universes. It is this same theory the Avengers keep in mind when they decide to go back in the past to get the Infinity Stones and return it after the use.

Besides these, characters like Tony Stark mention the terms like Eigen Value, Quantum fluctuations, Planck Scale, Deutsche Propositions which are again terms related to Quantum Physics. And yet you thought you went for a super-hero movie!

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