Virtual Dog to Prevent Dog Bites

Dog bites are quite common, so are the chances of acquiring rabies, especially with such a high number of stray dogs roaming outside. In fact, a UK-based hospital recorded 6,740 dog bites in 2013 alone. Yet, we do not get any education on how to prevent dog bites. To change this scenario, Dogs Trust, in collaboration with the University of Liverpool, has come up with an innovative idea. The university’s Virtual Engineering Centre (VEC) has created a virtual dog that can be used as a tool to spread awareness about dog bites. The UK-based researchers have ensured that the environment or conditions provided resemble those found in real-life situations. According to these researchers, the virtual dog (in the simulation) starts behaving oddly as an unsuspecting user begins approaches it. The general signs of aggression include lip licking, lowering of the head and body, front paw lifting, growling, and teeth display. So the next time you see a real stray dog, watch out for these warning signs.

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