Forecasting the Future of Open Access Publishing

Open access has the potential to transform the way research is conducted and disseminated. By making knowledge more widely available, open access can help to level the playing field in research and allow for greater international collaboration. It can also help speed up the dissemination of research findings, as articles are available online as soon as they are published. Open access has the potential to make a significant positive impact on the research community.

In this video podcast, Prof. Dr. Milena Georgieva, a veteran molecular biologist, a zealous communicator of science and a TEDx speaker, works as an associate professor of molecular biology at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Prof. Georgieva has authored more than 100 scientific and science-popular articles in the field of molecular biology, genetics and epigenetics.

OAW Podcast

We are delighted to have Prof. Georgieva to discuss open access and its potential impact on the research community and society at large. Addressing the issues such as —

  1. How open access has ascended through the research community?
  2. How to encourage early career researchers to resort to open access publishing?
  3. Discussion over misconception about open access publishing.
  4. How open access could help bridge the knowledge gap in various research fields?

Don’t miss this podcast! Click here to listen to it now!

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