Kangaroo Rats: Not Extinct Anymore!

The San Quentin kangaroo rat was last seen 30 years ago. Therefore, it was considered to be ‘extinct.’ However, that turned out to be wrong. Researchers from the San Diego Natural History Museum and the non-profit organization Terra Peninsular A.C. have rediscovered the San Quintin kangaroo rat (Dipodomys gravipes). It was last seen in 1986 and since 1994, has been considered endangered by the Mexican government. Since its rediscovery this year in summer, the kangaroo rat has been seen in several areas near San Quentin. This species of kangaroo rat is about 5 inches in length and has a tufted tail along with large and strong hind feet (similar to those found in Australian kangaroos). This is the third ‘extinct’ mammal species that has been rediscovered in this region. Researchers believe that this rediscovery of ‘extinct’ animal species marks the beginning of a new era.

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