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I want more people to know about my research. What should I do?

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489 viewsPromotion of Published Research

My department does not help researchers increase impact of research. I want to make my study read by others.

Hi Edgar,

It is a very challenging and long-term process to communicate your research to a wide audience. First, you need to be very clear about who will benefit by reading about research. You will then have to gradually build your presence in the academic community over a period of time.

Second, if your research is related to a very specific domain, then you should identify online communities that discuss broader issues related to your area of research. This will help you increase the potential audience that you reach out to you on a regular basis. As a suggestion, you could do the following:


  1. Create professional profiles on platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, where you are sharing content related to your area of research. While posting about your research, ensure you tag the journal that published your study. Also, you should possibly consider making your own personal website too.
  2. Create profiles on scholarly communication networks like, ResearchGate, and Mendeley. These three portals are the most popular ones among researchers worldwide today.
  3. Identify communities that talk about your specific domain of research and tag them on social media too. This will give a direct benefit to the readership and possible citation of your study.
  4. Check if your university will assist you in creating a press release of your research. It can then be shared with other media organizations. Many of the “Science” sections of international magazines and newspapers encourage such submissions from researchers.
  5. Identify if the agency that funded your research has a platform to promote research studies. Many funding agencies too have a social media presence and possibly could promote your study.


Finally, it is important that you engage on these platforms over a long-term period, so start following those researchers who would like to work with in the long term. Perhaps, you could also do a similar activity for your lab’s website too. It will benefit your colleagues and you in the long-term.