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Where can I find free LaTeX templates for IEEE/Springer/Elsevier journals?

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Dear Siwoo,

As you are aware, LaTeX is a (freely available) document preparation system widely used by the research community for drafting journal manuscripts. If you are entirely new to the concept, we would recommend visiting Overleaf for your template requirements. When you visit the Overleaf website, please navigate to the “Templates” section. You will find plenty of (free) templates for IEEE/Springer/Elsevier journals.

If you are not quite familiar with the LaTeX system, you can use Overleaf’s online editor for editing LaTeX templates in real time. They have also developed a video tutorial on how you can use the Overleaf platform.

Besides Overleaf, many journals and societies provide LaTeX templates on their websites. You can look for such templates in the Author Guidelines section. For example, IEEE recommends using the LaTeX templates on this webpage for various IEEE publications.

If you are interested to read more on how to use LaTeX, you can look through the following links:

  1. Enago Academy‘s detailed review on Overleaf:

Good luck with your manuscript submission!