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How do I find an open access journal that publishes psychology-related research?

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I am a psychology researcher working in a renowned university. However, I am not that familiar with open access journals.

Dear Jihun,

Thanks for contacting us regarding your query. The following post presents a detailed overview of the process of journal selection:

Our post discusses the strategy that researchers use to identify appropriate journals for their publication requirements.

To address your question on psychology journals that publish in the open access format, we would recommend going through the following post on Enago Academy:

How to Find an Open Access Journal to Publish Your Paper

This particular post primarily focuses on popular open access platforms and also describes the various types of open access journals. There are various factors such as journal ranking (quality), open access fees (affordability), average turnaround time, initial embargo period, etc. would help you choose the right open access psychology journal for your publishing needs.

In case you need further help on selecting an open access journal, you should consider accessing the DOAJ portal for specific details.