Online Citation Generators: Are They Useful?

Scientific research is sometimes built upon previous findings. When drafting your manuscript, a citation maker can assist you in generating references and citations based on a preferred style guide. Different online citation generators include Easybib, Bibme, Cite This For Me, and more. Apart from original research articles, review articles can contain hundreds of citations. Keeping citations organized along with notes is important for being a productive and prolific writer.

Furthermore, it is time-consuming to format a long list of references according to a style guide. Additionally, in-text citations may change from superscripts after punctuation marks to brackets before punctuation marks. For example, reference formats can change from APA style to AMA style depending upon the style the journal prefers.

When Citation Generators Are Needed

There are several online citation generators that are useful in automatically formatting citations to fit a particular style guide. These tools help in

  • Formatting properly
  • Creating bibliographies
  • Making reference lists
  • Creating citations


These citation creators require you to input information related to the style guide and source-website, journal, database, blog, and more. They, thus, helps in saving time.

Commonly Used Citation Generators

  • BibMe: Fully automated citation generator that allows you to set a style and search for articles to continuously update a bibliography for your project. Has APA, MLA, Chicago, and Turabian styles.
  • Citation Machine: Same as BibMe, but only saves your bibliography for a specified period of time.
  • KnightCite: A system that requires manual entry of data, as opposed to curating from online articles. Formats only in MLA, APA, and Chicago styles.
  • Cite This For Me: A user-friendly system for citing based upon the source you used.

Tips When Using these Tools

  • Make sure these tools are using updated style guides.
  • When citing from a database, ensure the information required to create citation is complete.
  • Keep track of capitalization of words as there might be limitations in the generator.
  • You can also use multiple citation generators to verify your list. However, make sure to recheck based on journal guidelines before making a submission.


So, before you start writing your manuscript, consider using a citation maker. These online citation generators are helpful tools in turning a long bibliography into an easy-to-use and changeable list of references.

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