International Open Access Week 2019 Theme Announced

Theme:  Open for Whom? Equity in Open Knowledge

Open Access has been an actively discussed topic in recent years. The evolution of Open Access from the subscription-based models is now widely gaining popularity and momentum. A default system for sharing knowledge without financial constraints is welcomed by the researchers. However, the question “open for whom?” persists. As, the name ‘Open Access’ suggests, free and unrestricted access to all published research to the research community. However, it is essential to understand which section of the research community it caters to, whose interests are considered, and that it is not benefiting only one part of the audience.  It is crucial to include authors, research groups, organizations, publishers, and other stakeholders in the current system to ensure their active participation in the Open Access movement. Hence, to ensure the equal involvement of all parties and equal knowledge sharing, the theme for the 2019 Open Week Access is “Open for Whom? Equity in Open Knowledge”.

Celebrating Unrestricted Knowledge Access

The International Open Access Week is a global event entering its twelfth year. International Open Access Week inspires open access supporters to share the benefits of Open Access and propagate the message of Open Access as a default practice in the research community. It also emphasizes on increasing the visibility of scholarship, accelerate research, and make lives better with breakthroughs. This event began as a partnership between the SPARC (the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition) and students in 2007. They organized events in a few campuses across the United States. Since then, the event grew internationally and is celebrated at numerous events around the world. This year, the Open Access Week will be held from 21st-27th of October. SPARC encourages using locally compelling themes and scheduling events as suitable in their respective organizations.

Open Access: Equal Opportunities for Knowledge Sharing

This year’s theme is based on last year’s Open Access Week theme “Designing equitable foundations for open knowledge.” The concept of equality among different groups in the research community and their active participation in promoting and using open access is essential. Therefore, the organizers coined a theme based on similar lines to drive the importance of equality for every member of the research community. The global presence of Open Access will felicitate numerous processes, which enhance the usage of Open Access within the research sector.

The International Open Access Week paves the way for opportunities to create new conversations and connections across and between communities in research. It also aids to advance progress and build equitable foundations for more knowledge sharing.  The event inspires researchers to discuss and act throughout the year. They aim to highlight diversity, equity, and inclusion year-round and integrate it into the fabric of the open community.

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