Importance of Peer Review in academic publishing

  Sep 18, 2017   Enago Academy
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Peer review is one of the most critical processes in academic publishing and continues to have a significant effect on the number and type of studies that get published each year. However, because of the increase in predatory publishing and fake peer reviews, researchers and journals are finding it difficult to maintain ethical practices and improve the effectiveness of peer review. Our presentation is targeted towards experienced authors who have a good grasp of the overall publication cycle but want more clarity regarding the challenges and developments that have taken place in the peer review process in the past decade.

After this session, you will have more information about the following:

  • Increased awareness of the peer review process in academic publishing
  • Better knowledge of the various peer review models adopted by journals
  • Awareness of fake peer reviews and related challenges for researchers and journals
  • Understanding of the advantages of being a reviewer and the selection process followed by journals
  • Knowledge of ethical practices that need to be followed by peer reviewers
  • Understanding of new developments in peer review and related challenges

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Comments are closed for this post.