Identifying the Target Journal for Publication

  Sep 04, 2017   Enago Academy
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This presentation is primarily targeted towards early-stage researchers who wish to publish their research, but find it difficult to select an appropriate journal for their manuscript. In today’s scientific landscape when researchers have to publish their research in order to sustain their academic careers, the process of selecting a good journal is a crucial step towards showcasing their research to the right target audience. Owing to an exponential increase in the number of journals over the last decade, selecting an appropriate journal has become increasingly difficult.

After going through this presentation, you will have more information about the following:

    • Understanding the scope, visibility and discoverability of a journal
    • Assessing the quality of a journal and a basic understanding of some key journal metrics
    • Introduction to important concepts such as copyrights, open access and peer review
    • Expert tips and a list of tools for selecting an appropriate target journal

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