How to Publish in High-Impact Journals

  May 17, 2017   Enago Academy
  : Beyond Publishing, PhD Café, SlideShare

This presentation is primarily targeted toward professors, researchers, and students who wish to submit their papers to top-notch international journals but face difficulties with publishing process. In a system where experts from respective fields will assess the validity, significance, and originality of the described work, it is imperative that the authors have an in-depth knowledge of each step involved in publishing process to achieve successful submission.

In this presentation, we will briefly introduce the audience to the process of publishing and share insights on steps to be taken for ensuring a smooth publishing process. This presentation will help the participants on the following aspects:

  1. Increased awareness of how they should approach publishing papers in international peer-reviewed journals
  2. Understanding the importance of adhering to the IMRAD format
  3. Some key pre-submission-related points for researchers
  4. Understanding the challenges that need to be overcome to get published

This presentation will also help researchers understand the important issues that they need to be aware of while conducting and publishing research. We will also help researchers understand the requirements for adhering to journal guidelines and why it helps increase their chances of publication.

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Comments are closed for this post.