Horizon Europe: €94 Billion for Ambitious Research

Research and innovation programs are essential for science. Several countries initiate several such programs to promote research. Horizon 2020, launched by the EU, was one such research program. For 2021-2027, the EU budget has proposed to provide €100bn for research projects. This project, known as Horizon Europe, is supposed to be the biggest research and innovation program ever. Let us try to find out more about this project.

EU and Its Programs

The European Commission (EU commission) is responsible for developing new proposals for the European legislation and initiating the decisions of the European Parliament and the Council of the EU. The EU came into existence in 2007. Since then, it has provided funding for 8,000 research projects.

A few of the EU’s research projects include improving recyclable plastics, improving ways to help individuals quit smoking, and other environmental and health research. The EU’s funding programs have encouraged various teams of researchers and scientists all over the world, along with various experts, to work together on research and innovations. EU has created a global effort to address the concerns of human society.

EU’s Largest Research Funding Program

Currently, the EU’s largest program for research and innovation is Horizon 2020. The scientific community considers it to be the most successful as well. Horizon 2020 gives funds for research on crucial issues such as climate change, migration, and clean energy. Horizon 2020 has almost €80bn available to fund research proposals for the next seven years. However, Brexit has brought in doubts in the minds of the researchers regarding the accessibility of the funds.

EU Strives to Reach Higher

With the success of the Horizon 2020, EU proposed a seven-year research plan, Horizon Europe. Horizon Europe has a proposed budget of €94.1bn for research during 2021-2027. The funding will promote substantial research on science and innovations. Horizon Europe will share €52.7bn of its budget to support various projects. These projects include climate change, improvement of digital technologies, and methods used for food production.

Horizon Europe proposes to cut the cost of healthcare through the innovative use of various technologies and digital solutions. It will also promote research innovations to address issues regarding cybersecurity, democracy, human rights, and social equality.

Besides these, Horizon Europe will also promote and provide support to innovators. The goal for innovators is to develop and increase knowledge of modernized technologies, science, trade, and investments. The funding also gives innovators tools to assist with the beginning stages and the progress of development and marketing.

The Possible Benefits

Horizon Europe has funded several researchers and scientists for groundbreaking research in all fields. In the field of physical sciences, a project that discusses the prediction of earthquakes, received funding from Horizon Europe. While in humanities, researchers are studying why people are dishonest, with the objective of learning how to change these negative behaviors. Similarly, in life sciences, a project which deals with why people react differently to vaccines and infections has received Horizon Europe’s funding. Although only a few research projects have received funding from Horizon Europe, it is indeed a valuable contribution. The conclusions of these research projects will be of great importance not only to the scientific community, but also to the society in general.

The Horizon Europe funds that have been made available for research grants are truly unique. It promotes teamwork amongst a worldwide pool of scientists and researchers. As a result, these scientists and researchers can achieve their goals and make advancements in technologies and science.

Horizon Europe’s funding also provides the academic community with knowledge and experience. This knowledge is essential for carrying out research in the critical areas of science, such as environmental issues, food production, and health and social behaviors. The research results have the potential to make human life improve for the better now and in the future. Therefore, Horizon Europe seems to be making the path of research easier. We shall find out soon how much of this potential will result in substantial results.

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