Have Blueberries to Reduce Your Blood Pressure

Maintaining the blood pressure is difficult, as a slight change in the diet may have drastic effects. However, now you have blueberries to help you in doing so. In fact, researchers from King’s College London carried out an experiment on 40 volunteers, giving them 200g of blueberries in their diet regularly for a month. Some of the volunteers were provided a similar control drink for better study of the contrasting results. The scientists monitored the changes in the chemical constituents of blood and urine and also the blood pressure. According to the results obtained, the systolic blood pressure showed a decrease as compared to the healthy individuals. The effect on the systolic blood pressure after the consumption of blueberry drink was seen after two hours. However, over a period of 1 month the decrease on the blood pressure was about 5mm Hg. This could be a breakthrough discovery in terms of finding a natural solution to controlling blood pressure, as suggested by the researchers.

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