Guppies Scare Other Fish With their Eyes

Organisms have different mechanisms to scare away their predator species. Some produce hormones, while some change the color to scare away other species. Guppies, on the other hand, change the color of their eyes for the same purpose. In fact, they change the color of the iris and let other fish around them know that they are in a mood to attack. The researchers at the University of Exeter have discovered that the guppy fish change the color of their iris from silver to black to warn their prey, which is followed by an attack. Researchers created artificial (robotic) guppies with different eye colors and tried to study the behavior of other fish. They saw that the food particles which had the robotic guppies protecting them, attracted much more competition from larger real guppies, with black colored eyes. This mechanism followed by guppies is similar to the one followed by humans to gaze direction through their white sclera.

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