Increasing Knowledge about Scholarly Publishing – A Training Program for Taiwanese Researchers

Tainan, Taiwan: Enago recently conducted another workshop in Taiwan that aimed at helping researchers understand how they can improve their changes of publication in international peer-reviewed journals. The workshop, which was conducted in Tainan, was attended by international students from various backgrounds such as management, engineering, education, behavioral science, and economics.

Enago’s workshops are directed toward ESL authors and help them bridge the gap between research and publication. In addition to its well-renowned editing and publication support services, Enago’s workshops provide researchers the opportunity to acquire knowledge about academic publishing from industry experts. This workshop was conducted to help increase the awareness of the importance of publishing in international peer-reviewed journals and provide researchers an opportunity to increase their academic reputation.

TaiwanThe workshop was specifically focused on how authors can improve their skills for writing papers in English and introduce authors to academic publishing. The workshop was conducted by Dr. Chung-Chien Huang, an expert in business and medical administration, from the School of Health Care Administration at Taipei Medical University. In his academic career, Dr. Huang has mentored several students/early-stage researchers, so he was able to address many of the issues highlighted by the audience during the workshop.

As part of the workshop, Dr. Huang discussed the following topics: i) various types of articles that journals accept for publication; ii) identifying the target audience for each publication; iii) how to structure manuscripts and ensure adherence to the journal guidelines; iv) differences between American and British English; and finally he provided the audience various tips on what journal editors look for when articles are submitted to them by authors. The 90-min workshop included a Q&A session with the audience to adequately address any specific queries or concerns.

While speaking of the workshop, William Chen, Director of Operations, Crimson Interactive China, said, “We are always looking for ways to meet the requirements of the global community of academic researchers, and such workshops are designed to enhance the ability of ESL authors to cross the language barrier that they face while publishing manuscripts in international peer-reviewed journals.” He continued, “The feedback we received was very positive, and we are glad that we can provide researchers with practical knowledge of publishing.”



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