Drugs that Prevent the Spread of Cancer!

Cancer has been killing many worldwide. Scientists have been trying hard to find measures to prevent the spread of cancer. There have been several discoveries in and around cancer research. Recently, researchers at the University of Alberta have come across another such important discovery regarding controlling cancer metastasis. According to them, almost 99.5% of cancer metastasis can be prevented by inhibiting some newly identified gene targets. The researchers inserted hairpin RNA into several gene products to inactivate them, before inserting them into embryos to check which one prevents the metastasis of the cancer cells. The molecular tool (knockout library) used may possibly not be able to cure the cancer but could prevent it from spreading. The researchers claim to have identified 11 such genes that are involved in the metastasis of several types of cancer. They are yet to find the drugs that inactivate these genes. This discovery would possibly reduce the mortality due to cancer and increase the chances of survival.

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