Detoxifying Blood With Nanorobots

We have several mechanisms inside the human body for detoxifying blood. However, researchers can never stop at discovering new methods to simplify a process. Hence, the engineers at the University of California, San Diego have developed nanorobots that can detoxify the blood. These tiny ultrasound-powered robot-like structures can swim through the blood and remove harmful substances from it. These harmful substances include several bacteria, along with the toxins they produce. Removal of these substances, in turn, detoxifies blood. The nanorobots were built using gold thin wires, coated by hybrid platelets and red blood cell membranes. The combination of platelets and red blood cell membranes attract the bacteria and the toxins released, respectively. Although the nanorobots are 25 times smaller than the human hair, they can move at the speed of 35 micrometers/sec. Researchers have tested these nanorobots in blood samples which are contaminated with MRSA and their toxins. It resulted in the blood sample being three times less contaminated.

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