Dealing with Journal Rejection

  Aug 14, 2017   Enago Academy
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This presentation is primarily targeted toward helping researchers in handling rejections from journals, and will also help early-stage researchers improve first-time acceptance of their manuscripts. The advancement of research hinges on the dissemination of new discoveries by their publication in peer-reviewed international journals. At the heart of academic publishing, peer review leads to over 1.5 million published scholarly manuscripts every year. Although the number of published papers is increasing year-on-year, this iterative selection process also results in approximately 60% rejection rate, including 21% rejection after a preliminary editorial screening.

After going through this presentation, you will have more information about the following:

  • Awareness of the rejection process and why papers of ESL authors are rejected by journals (regardless of the impact factor)
  • Understanding the peer review process and causes of rejection
  • Comprehending rejection letters and what reviewers mean
  • Importance of correctly responding to reviewer comments and revising their papers to make them publication-ready
  • Overcoming journal rejection and providing a positive outlook to deal with journal rejection


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Comments are closed for this post.