Academic Publishing – Manuscript Preparation, Ethics Knowledge, and Submission Guidelines for Successful Publication

  Nov 13, 2017   Enago Academy
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This presentation is primarily targeted towards researchers who wish to submit their papers to top-notch international journals and would like to understand the intricacies of academic publishing. It discusses several important concepts such as manuscript writing, journal selection, and manuscript submission. We will then share some insights on the importance of adhering to ethical methods in research and publishing. Finally, we will improve awareness regarding the different models of peer review as well as help the audience understand and deal with manuscript rejection effectively.

After this session, you will have more information about the following:

• Awareness of publishing papers in English and structuring of academic papers
• Discussion about the journal selection and manuscript submission processes
• Awareness of different types of research and publication misconduct
• Understanding the reasons for rejection of manuscripts and dealing with it effectively

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Comments are closed for this post.