A 3D Printer for Producing Tissues

Tissues get ruptured every day. We solely depend on our body for their replacement with new tissues as only the human body can produce tissues. But researchers have even found a solution to that. The researchers at UCLA Samueli School of Engineering have used a technique named stereolithography and used a customized 3D printer to create tissues. According to the researchers, the printer will use customized platform chip and a digital micromirror. Using these two components, the 3D printer used hydrogels that on being induced by light through the micromirror would illuminate the 3D shape. The light will also help in forming molecular bonds within the gel, thereby solidifying it. The researchers have already created mimicked muscle tissues, tumors with blood vessels etc., in order to use them as biological models for cancer. They have transplanted the artificial tissues successfully in rats, awaiting to be tested in humans.

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