If you are an expert in your academic field, have strong inclination toward the English language, and/or have significant experience in academic publishing, Enago™ is the place to be. We believe that with your unique experiences, skills, and passion, Enago™ can offer you a rich, rewarding career, and a lifestyle that will surprise you with its breadth and potential. Just imagine the excitement and satisfaction with what you can do, whom you can help, and the difference you can make for the scientific community!

Experienced Editors: English Editing, English Proofreading



An editor works with one aim in mind—to critically examine your paper, ensure that there are no errors and that the English is well above publishable quality. It is Enago’s responsibility to appoint the best editor for your manuscript, on time and within budget. We hire only experienced editors. The average experience of our editors is 19.4 years. We only work with highly qualified professional editors, all of whom are experts in their subject areas.

editing careers: english proofreading, academic editing

All our Editors belong to native English-speaking countries. They are well acquainted with the linguistic expectations of journals and are familiar with the problems of ESL writing. Native editors help in two important ways:

  • Content is presented in the language and expressions that are commonly used and easily understood in the English world. Thus, non-commonality and ambiguity are completely eliminated, and fluency and easy readability are achieved.
  • The effort expended in determining the validity of grammatical nuances and in comprehending the manuscript content is less, and desirable results are obtained at a rapid rate.
Hence, Enago particularly and dedicatedly recruits exclusively native Editors.


We ensure a smooth performance-driven progression curve for our freelance editors with an effective feedback mechanism, which ensures that the expectation mismatch is nearly zero. In the past, the strong professional bonding with our freelance editors has also lead to mutual recommendations—a definite plus factor! Working with us as a freelancer editor is a rewarding experience, both monetarily and intellectually, as you get to apply your domain knowledge and skills to help non-native authors present their work to the world through esteemed journals and renowned conferences, with the flexibility of timings and hours dedicated to editing.

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