Author Workshops for Indonesian Researchers

Workshop Schedule

Day 2 – September 26, 2018

Time (Local Time) Topic
10:15-10:30 Welcome
10:30-12:00 How to Start Research with a Prominent Topic and Ensure its Publishability
12:00-12:15 Q&A Session
12:15-13:15 Break
13:15-14:45 Identifying a Target Journal for Publication
14:45-15:00 Q&A Session
15:00-15:15 Closing Remarks

Balai Sidang Djokosoetono F Building 2nd Floor, Faculty of Law, Universitas Indonesia

Workshop Topics

Topic 1: How to Start Research with a Prominent Topic and Ensure its Publishability

Narrowing down an appropriate research topic can be very challenging regardless of the discipline. One has to therefore, consider several factors prior to finalising an area of research. Furthermore, converting research into a publishable manuscript is equally important and difficult. 

This presentation is primarily targeted toward researchers who wish to select a feasible and original research topic as well as submit their papers to top-notch international journals.

After this session, you will have more information about the following:

  • Awareness regarding key factors such as feasibility, flexibility, originality and novelty, when selecting a research topic
  • Importance of identifying and curating relevant literature
  • Awareness regarding narrowing down your area and identifying the aim of your study
  • Awareness regarding publishing papers in English and structuring of academic papers
  • Preparing your paper for publication and journal selection
  • Discussion about the submission process and dealing with journal rejection

Topic 2: Identifying a target journal for publication

In today’s scientific landscape when researchers have to publish their research in order to sustain their academic careers, the process of selecting a good journal is a crucial step towards showcasing their research to the right target audience. Owing to an exponential increase in the number of journals over the last decade as well as the concomitant increase in predatory or fake journals, selecting an appropriate journal has become increasingly complicated.

This presentation is primarily targeted towards early-stage and experienced researchers who wish to publish their research, but find it difficult to select an appropriate journal for their manuscripts. In fact, many researchers are not aware that they can increase the relevance and impact of their research because of the journal in which they have published their research.

After this session, you will have more information about the following:

  • Understanding the scope, visibility and discoverability of international journals
  • Assessing the quality of a journal and a basic understanding of some key journal metrics
  • Important concepts such as open access, peer review, and copyrights
  • Tips, resources, and effective tools for selecting genuine, internationally recognized target journals